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MelRose Wild

Mel focuses on raising capital for conscious sectors across the alternative investments landscape. Her interests include Impact, Permaculture, Water, Botanical Wellness, Women and BIPOC as well as female run and/or society benefiting VC. Mel raises for teams with strong track records, that pay attention to female inclusion, and are doing SDG positive work. Mel provides ESG metric reporting, problem solving, and female c-suite placement as a bonus to hiring her as an investor relations manager. Over her career, Mel has worked as a worldwide recognizable fashion model, small business owner and operator in the fashion sector, in house investor relations director and manager for single family office, large institution, and private equity. She is also a financial advisor and is building out her own RIA. Mel is a certified permaculture systems designer and uses these mechanisms and concepts to find scalable opportunities within the financial sector, in hopes of adding lasting alpha into client investment portfolios. Mel's decision to leave Merrill Lynch was focused on providing higher quality alternative investment opportunities to clients, family offices and other institutions.

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