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Keith Cronin

Keith graduated with his Doctorate in Physical Therapy in 2008 where he went on to manage several clinics, help launch a Half Marathon – MO Cowbell – in St. Charles, MO, while creating several online CEU courses, doing rehab segments on Fox News, and appeared in a concussion documentary on PBS.


Keith went on to start Sports and Healthcare Solutions in 2015, a consulting, distribution, and management firm that focused on international rehabilitation products. Keith helped one of his companies, Dynamic Tape, over 5 years to re-establish brand positioning in the marketing, increase sales more than 125%, and break the company’s dependence on US based master distributors. During that time, Keith did speaking engagements throughout the world, including Stanford, John Hopkins, 8 Division-1 Collegiate programs, and 13 Physical Therapy and Chiropractic graduate programs.


In 2019, Keith partnered with Connor Robertson to found Syntacz, a niche management and lead generation company that supports small and medium size businesses that need to generate new opportunities. Syntacz started to take off in August of 2020 after the pandemic shed over 90% of the business for the parent company. Through hard work and dedication, Syntacz went from $10k a month in revenue in August 2020 to 2021 fiscal generating $1.7 million in revenue.


Keith has a wife and two daughters, Shelby and Ella, and enjoys living out in Western Colorado hiking, biking, and skiing as often as possible. 

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