Governor David Paterson

David Paterson overcame severe disability and racial prejudice to become a state senator, lieutenant governor, and—unexpectedly—the 55th governor of the state of New York. 

In a rising climate of denial and with fiscal crisis looming, Paterson appeared—seemingly from nowhere—to sound the alarm about the impending crisis after being in service for only a few months. But his leadership extends well beyond balancing a 21.3-billion-dollar budget deficit during the 2008 economic downturn. 

From standing in protest against Amazon’s lack of accessibility for the blind, to advocating the overthrow of a corrupt Trinidadian government, he made his mark during his gubernatorial tenure. He fought for same-sex marriage and against disability discrimination. 

Since leaving office he has applied his gifts to investment banking and wealth management with select firms and has been in high demand as a strategic advisor from those needing to navigate the political landscape of state and federal government’s complexities. 

The 2020 release of his autobiography, Black Blind and In Charge brought all the stories together to reveal the truth of his remarkable life and accomplishments to date. From unexpectedly marching with Muhammad Ali to tie shopping with Governor Schwarzenegger, his stories take you on an uproarious ride with a servant-hearted political mastermind at the wheel. 

David looks forward to what’s next in his ongoing and ever more intriguing adventures while being relentlessly pursued to revisit public life.